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Afghan Debacle Fallout Grows | Schaftlein Report

Afghan Debacle Fallout Grows | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Jeffrey Dunetz – LidBlog Author ( ) – Special posting coming up Sunday, Sept. 5!
1) Afghanistan – 30 kids and numerous Americans still left, Equipment being displayed, Resignation Signatures grows to 130 Generals and Admirals
2) In leaked phone call with Afghan President Ghani, Biden suggested changing the “perception” of what was really occurring on the ground – Did Biden perpetuate a lie to the American Public?
3) Texas Heartbeat rejection by Supreme Court 5-4 has liberals and radicals enraged – Biden, Federal government whole of government counsel to oppose decision
4) Democrats try to resolve many disputes in $3.5T social spending bill – Wide gaps remain
5) Ida wreaks havoc in Northeast leaving 18 dead as flooding rages in NYC
6) Jobless claims hit pandemic low of 340K – Why are so many open jobs going unfilled?
7) Biden approval down to 45% – Rasmussen at 42%
8) No impeachment pending – Republicans do not have the votes

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