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2,700-page Infrastructure Bill to be Introduced | Schaftlein Report

2,700-page Infrastructure Bill to be Introduced | Schaftlein Report
Guest: John Eidsmoe – Colonel Mississippi National Guard & Constitutional Lawyer
1) What we know about the bill so far. $550B in New Spending and “Gender Identity”?
2) Supreme Court Case – John filed an amicus brief in support of Mississippi abortion law. Will the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade decision?
3) John analyzes recent Supreme Court decisions including the 5-4 vote to uphold the Eviction ban but ending the ban on 7-31-21 without Congressional approved extensions
4) The “Equality Act” currently before congress defining Gender Identity. Believe it or not, this is also in the infrastructure bill
5) The “We the People Act” – This is the Democratic fraud bill attempting to federalize election law, voter access, campaign finance along with limiting
federal courts from adjudicating religious and sexual practices
6) Texas Gov. Abbott signs bill into law allocating $1B to build wall and border security. $250M down payment
VP Harris plan to help Central American countries investing $4B over 4 years meets resistance from Mexico and Guatemala
7) Vaccine mandates appear to be widespread and growing
8) Crime Wave in Deep Blue cities – By 3-1 margin, more people killed by guns than Covid in Washington, DC
Chicago – 460 shot in July and 2,471 killed or injured YTD
Portland having hard time hiring police as crime spikes

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