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Year End Summary | Schaftlein Report

Year End Summary | Schaftlein Report
1) A Failed First Year Presidency
2) Harry Reid and John Madden passed at 82 and 85 respectively
3) Illegal Immigrants being flow into northern cities with Identity Kits on a large percentage of flights
4) Covid Guidelines keep changing and States are now in charge? 10 days versus 5 days? Numerous industries and sports leagues impacted
5) Women swimmers are ticked off at male transgender dominance at Brown University and others
6) Unemployment claims of 198K at lowest level since 1969 – Total on Unemployment falls to 1.7M collecting checks
7) Twitter suspends mRNA vaccine creator for saying Kids don’t need the vaccine
8) MVP Manchin signals support for repeal of Trump tax cuts in 2022?
9) Happy New Year to ALL

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