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What’s next for NATO? | Schaftlein Report

What’s next for NATO? | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Jeffrey Dunetz – LidBlog Author ( )
1) Biden and NATO meet to determine next steps in war – Civilian casualties mount
2) U.S. considering sending Anti-ship missiles to Ukraine
*Russia threatens Poland
3) U.S. to allow 100K Ukrainians into the country
4) Senior Putin adviser quits due to war and others may also leave
*Central Bank chief tried to leave and Putin said no, giving her a new 5-year-term
5) What steps will Russian elites take next if any?
6) An EU ban on crude could lead to much higher prices
*U.S. is producing 11.7M barrels a day down from 13.0M in 2020
7) The U.S. can supply Europe with Liquefied natural gas but that will take time – We have lots of gas in this country
8) Jobless claims fall to the lowest level since 1969 at 187K
9) Judge Jackson hearings end and confirmation is likely the first week in April
10) Mayor Eric Adams lifts vaccine mandate for athletes and performers in NYC
11) Madeline Albright passes at 84 – First woman Secretary of State under Clinton

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