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War and Inflation Driving Biden to All Time Low in Polls | Schaftlein Report

War and Inflation Driving Biden to All Time Low in Polls | Schaftlein Report
1) Biden speaks the truth saying Putin cannot remain in power – The White House and official
*Washington push back for stating the truth – Biden calls Putin a butcher
*We support what the President said and we’ll explain why
2) Devastating bad poll numbers for the President in NBC news and Reuters polls
a. Biden approval at 40% while 54-55% disapprove in both polls
b. Generic ballot has Republicans up 46-44%.
c. Women have gone from 51% approval to 44%
d. Latinos have gone from 48% to 39%
e. He is upside down 30 points on the economy
f. These are potential landslide election results for Republicans in the fall
3) 70% disapprove of Biden’s handling of the war
4) 71% say the country is going in the wrong direction
5) War update – 40K Ukrainians have been forcibly deported to Russian camps
a. Russians launch rocket attack toward Lviv
b. ariupol is now 85% destroyed
c. Civilian deaths now total above 1,100 in Ukraine according to a United Nations Report
d. China cancels $500M gas deal wit h Russian company for fear of sanctions
6) Zelinskyy says Ukraine willing to become a Neutral country as part of Russian Peace Deal
*The next round of “peace talks” scheduled to begin Tuesday in Turkey
7) Biden to announce effort to raise taxes on people with new worth over $100M
8) Trump: “Biden’s leadership is one train wreck after another”
9) Biden and Blinken push ahead on Iran Nuclear deal to a pessimistic Middle East audience
10) Biden gaffe – “Sending the 82nd Airborne to Ukraine”

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