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Voters are Not Happy | Schaftlein Report

Voters are Not Happy | Schaftlein Report
1) 83% say the economy is very or extremely important for their votes
*80% say inflation is important
**74% say gas prices are important
2) Biden approval by category:
a. Economy – 37%
b. Inflation – 28%
c. Gas – 27%
d. Crime – 38%
e. Immigration – 37%
f. Guns – 37%
g, Abortion – 41%
h. War – 46%
i. Covid – 56%
3) Treasury Secretary concedes the $1.9T spending bill was too much – $600B too high – Also admitting she was wrong on inflation
4) McCormick concedes PA Republican primary to Oz
5) Trump strongly endorses McCarthy
6) Russia hits Kiev with missile attack – Putin warns against U.S. delivering long range rockets
7) 82M vaccines are waster due to short duration usefulness
8) 50 Christians murdered in Nigerian church by radical Islamists
9) In the U.S., 13 killed and 24 wounded over the weekend in shootings at bars and a graduation
10) In Canada Trudeau announces a freeze on gun imports and sales – In a predictable result, gun sales at many stores sold out
11) Another caravan of 10-15K are headed to the U.S. from Guatemala
12) Mainstream media now recognize the dysfunction in the Biden White House
*The Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is a disaster, can’t answer basis questions and just reads off talking pints
**Biden to have first sit down interview in 118 and it is a clown show with a comedian doing the interview Jimmy Kimmel

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