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2020 ElectionThe Schaftlein Report

Voters Abandon Radical Democrats | Schaftlein Report

Voters Abandon Radical Democrats | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Joe Visconti – Emmy Award Winning Producer
1) By 54-46%, voters say Biden is responsible for the Division in the country
*Voters feel Biden and his Party are the following:
a) Horribly Incompetent
b) Deeply Divisive
c) Controlled by the Radical Left
2) Voters care about the following: Inflation, Covid, Crime, Illegal Immigration, Drugs, Indoctrination in Schools
3) Federal Reserve Chairman Powell acknowledges Inflation is stickier than expected and the need to taper bond Purchases may need to accelerate
*Record High Asset Prices, Unemployment at 4.6% but the Labor Participation Rate is unchanged while 9-10M jobs remain open
**The risk of Inflation being persistent has risen
4) Federal Judge strikes down Vaccine mandate for healthcare workers
5) Judge reinstates Remain-in-Mexico Policy – Biden and Mayorkis appeal the decision – STUPID and INCOMPETENT
6) Smollett case – Lawyer tries to rewrite history claiming he is the victim after he did the hoax

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