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Top U.S. Officials Meet with Zelenskyy | Schaftlein Report

Top U.S. Officials Meet with Zelenskyy | Schaftlein Report
1) Secretary of State Tony Blinken and Joint Chiefs Chairman Austin meet with Zelenskyy
as Ukraine presses for more heavy weapons and gains commitments from U.S. and NATO
2) Ukraine repels Russian attack in Donbas
3) 5.2M Ukrainians have fled the war
4) Macron re-elected in French election over LaPen 57-43 – Tighter margins than last time but still a healthy victory
5) Border disaster – Fentanyl and meth seized in record amounts and human trafficking – Administration tone deaf on Title 42
6) Musk moves closer to taking Twitter private according to reports after raising $43B in financing
7) Democrats parade Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Sunday shows to spew leftist wish list and propaganda in an effort to shore up the left wing base
*Pushing Build Back Better again, student debt cancellation
8) Media also pushed the Kevin McCarthy non-story about criticizing Trump after 1-6 capital riots – Democrats and media will do anything to keep Trump in the news
9) LA Sheriff Villanueva “Wokeism is on the ropes” as citizens demand a stronger effort taking on crime and violence
*41 shot and 7 killed in Chicago over the weekend
10) U.S. now pushing ALL forms of energy including Nuclear, additional LNG terminals and 1M barrels of oil a day from strategic oil reserve
11) Trucking demand slows way down indicating a slow down in the economy
12) Tributes come in for deceased Senator Orin Hatch

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