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The Schaftlein Report | Stubborn Inflation rose $0.1% to 8.3% in August year over Year

1) Even with gas prices dropping, food, rents and medical expenses gained traction.
We have been saying this for months. Food is up 0.8% and rents are up 0.7%

1A) Groceries up 13.5%, highest since 1979

2) Excluding food and energy, core inflation rose 0.6% to 6.3%. Way above normal.

3) Hourly earnings were up just 0.2% and are down 2.8% year over year.

4) The stock market is getting punished down 2.5%. Interest rates are rising quickly with the 2 year note above 3.7%

5) NY Times – Early polls may give Democrats false hopes in mid terms. We’ll explain.
Inflation, Crime and the Border are top concerns

6) Gov. Hocul ending Covid emergency in NY weeks before the election. We’ll explain.

7) Recaptured Ukraine territory doubles to 2,300 square miles as the counter offensive gains steam.

8) Arizona Representative Biggs – “VP Harris is lying about the border being secure – “Knucklehead”

9K crossed under Trump while 340K under Biden.
Harris advocates a pathway to citizenship while Americans demand a secure border.

9) Justice department issues 40 subpoenas ahead of midterms in blatant political move

10) Final Primaries in New Hampshire and Rhode Island voting tonight.
Democrats distance themselves from Biden despite voting for his policies 100% of the time.

11) Las Vegas Democratic politician charged with murder of reporter.

Andrew West

Andrew West is a freedom-forward author from the State of Georgia who has been covering politics since 2016.

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