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The Schaftlein Report | OPEC+ Cut Production 2M Barrels a Day

Guest – Drew Allen

1) Gas prices headed higher. Biden is powerless to stop it. White House “Disappointed”.

1A) Home heating oil prices to soar just in time for winter.

1B Political Payback to Democrats just ahead of the election. We’ll explain.

2) U.S. provides an additional $625M in aid to Ukraine. Russians leave behind bodies in the streets of Ly,am
as Putin signs farcical Annexation order.

3) Biden Student Loan Forgiveness program turns into a fiasco given poor planning to no planning and ongoing litigation

4) U.S. National Debt soars past $31T. This is without Build Back Better which landed on the ash heap of history.

4A) ADP says U.S. added 209K jobs in September.

5) In Florida, DeSantis leads by 11 and has a 55% Approval rating. Likely sweep of the entire cabinet in upcoming elections.

6) Republicans narrow Democratic lead to 3 points in New Hampshire and Arizona.

6a) Democrats go all in to defeat Walker in GA. Backfire possible.

7) A Republican Governor in Oregon? Would be first time in 35 years. Currently up by 2.

8) Gallup has Republicans +5 in Favorability Rating 44-39 over Democrats.

Andrew West

Andrew West is a freedom-forward author from the State of Georgia who has been covering politics since 2016.

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