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The Schaftlein Report | Media pushes leftists energy policies that Harm Middle Income Americans

1) NY Times blames Sen. Manchin for Climate Failure while seeking “Radical Transformation”.
All of the Global Warming fear mongering on Sunday shows with Former VP Al Gore.
The problem – They want the U.S. to halt drilling and reduce carbon footprint while China, India and Russia continue to produce oil and other carbon fuels.
Americans do NOT want higher gas prices while drilling less.
Democrats want Executive Action which Biden has done on a limited basis and they push electing more Democrats – No surprise.

2) Treasury Secretary Yellin – We have a path to avoid a Recession
Summers suggests raising taxes to reduce demand and lower inflation.

3) Crime is a MAJOR issue. Biden pushes $33B to Refund the Police. We agree
60 shot in Chicago this weekend killing 3.

3A) Democratic mayors beg for Federal help as migrants arrive in Sanctuary cities from the border.

4) 64% of Democrats do not want Biden to run in 2024. Only 19% of Hispanics support Biden

5) Trump 49% and Gov. DeSantis at 24% in Turning Point straw poll. We’ll explain the results.

6) Generic Congressional Ballot average Republicans +3%
Trafalger +8%
Rasmussen +10%
Emerson +1%

7) Russian forces running out of steam?
Ukrainian forces outgunned in effort to retake Southern Ukraine?
Which is true? 82 Colonels now killed. 60K dead or wounded

8) Russia reduces gas to Europe to 20% of capacity from 40% last week blaming turbine repairs.

Andrew West

Andrew West is a freedom-forward author from the State of Georgia who has been covering politics since 2016.

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