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The Schaftlein Report | Global Stock Markets hit Year to Date Lows

1) U.S. and major global markets are hitting year to date lows on rising interest rate fears and the strength of the u.S. Dollar.
We’ll analyze.

1A) British Pound hits record low against the dollar at $1.03. It rebounded to $1.07 .
Their government is spending $80B to pay for high utility bills this winter while pitching tax cuts for the highest earners.
This is bad policy and the market is punishing the pound.

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1B) Gasoline in CA averages $5.76 while the U.S. is $3.71. Why? Taxes, Rules, Regulations and Refiners.

1C) U.S. ships 68% of its Liquefied Natural Gas to Europe.

2) In Politics, a majority of Democrats say Biden should not run in 2024 by a margin of 56-35. He is upside down 39%-55% in ABC Poll.

2A) CBS Poll has Congressional Ballot at 47R – 46D and projects Republicans will control the House by a narrow margin of 223-215

2B) ABC Poll has Generic Ballot at Republicans +5

2C) Murray +2 in WA state (Upset coming)

3) New Orleans is forced to hire civilians as crime soars and the police department is being depleted.

3A) 40 shot and 6 killed in Chicago

4) 1000 people a day are moving to Texas and Florida continues to attract 600 people per day. Blue state to Red state migration is clear.

5) Is Xi Jinping still in power in China or is General Li Qiaoming in control?

6) Conservative government now controls Italy after elections

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