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The Schaftlein Report | Desperate Biden tries to Label GOP Fascist – It will backfire

Guest – Jeffrey Dunetz

1) Biden the Divider. Media pushes anti MAGA narrative

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2) Trump Special Master

3) No High end chip sales to China

4) UN to inspect Ukrainian nuclear plant

5) Abbott ships Illegals to Chicago. Liberals outraged

6) Crime surges in Blue cities and Biden claims Dems support police. No they don’t

7). Afghan woman claims she is raped by Taliban official and she gets arrested

8) Mary Peltola wins special election in Alaska rank choice voting. 1 Democrat against 2 Republicans.
The rematch is in 2 months. Palin should drop out so Republicans can win the seat

9) Green Energy policies are killing Europe as energy supplies dwindle while continent is in a 500 year drought

10) Major heat and drought in CA and west causes major stress on power grid as Newsome says do not charge EV’s

11) Quinnipiac poll has Biden at 40% – 52%
55% of Independents say he is doing a bad job, 92% of Republicans say the same. 83% of Democrats approve up 11% in a month.
Bien has spent 40% of his time away from the White House

12) Fetterman refuses to debate OZ in PA

13) Counter offensive in Ukraine is making progress as Russians retreat.
Former Putin ally and head of Lukoil jumps out of 6th floor hospital window.
Numerous former Putin allies and their families have been killed in mysterious ways

14) Biden quietly trying to revive iran nuclear deal.

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