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The Schaftlein Report | Are you better off now than 2 years ago?

Guest – Jeffrey Dunetz
1- Gas prices are headed up. OPEC+ cuts 2.0M barrels a day. Biden administration in panic ahead of mid terms.
Administration was considering sinking offshore drilling lease sales. They now will continue releasing 1.0M barrels a day as our stockpile dwindles.

1A- Wall Street warns of Housing major slowdown

2- Democrats are unable to shake the “Soft on Crime” label as 77% of Americans feel it is a major problem.

2A- Nadler, Schumer, Omar and Pressley unable to defend Democratic policies.

2B- 5 people in Merced, CA family senselessly killed by a criminal who got out early.

3- DACA illegally implemented by Obama administration according to 5th Circuit of Appeals court. Court allows it to remain in place for now.
Biden blames MAGA Republicans? Insane response.

4- Biden claims global warming caused the intensity of the hurricane to hot Florida. Meteorologists say no relationship.

5- DeSantis – “Send illegal immigrants who looted back to their country after their criminal trial for looting. Liberals are outraged. Good!

6- In Governors races, Hocul up by only 2 in NY and Kemp up by 5 over Abrams in Georgia.

7- Races are tight all across the country in the Senate campaigns.

8- Did the FBI hide evidence of Biden crime family as alleged by an insider?

Andrew West

Andrew West is a freedom-forward author from the State of Georgia who has been covering politics since 2016.

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