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The Persecution of Trump Supporters | Schaftlein Report

The Persecution of Trump Supporters | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Aliazar “Cisco” Cisneros – 12-year NAVY Veteran being tortured legally by Texas Democrats for being in the MAGA truck caravan ( )
1) Mr. Cisneros discusses the efforts of Leftists to harm and harass him
2) Revolutionary deciples of Bernie Sanders plot their next move to intimidate Sen. Kyrsten Sinema
3) United Airlines fires 232 employees for policy vaccination violation
4) Joe Biden is looking more and more like Jimmy Carter – The similarity is striking
*British and European allies do not trust Biden and his Socialist leaning agenda
5) Winter heating bills are forecast to rise 54%
6) White House asks Oil and Gas companies for cheaper fuel after Biden suspends drilling on Federal Land in Alaska
*Oil above $80 as we predicted – The Green Democrats hate oil and gas
7) A majority of Americans 52% say Government is doing too much and want less of it versus 45% that feel they want more government assistance
8) National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has raised $105M year to date

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