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The 3rd Trump Impeachment | Schaftlein Report

The 3rd Trump Impeachment | Schaftlein Report
1) A highly partisan committee and their media allies are at it again this time trying to present a non-evidence-based case to indict Trump and keep him off the ballot in 2024 – Focus groups of Independent voters are the Democrats target as they try to divert attention away from all of the other issues facing the country like $5-7 gas prices and 8.6% inflation
a. Media throwing around incendiary words like Trump criminal referral – Democracy is at risk stoking fear in their attempt to retain power
b. Democrats and Republicans “hate each other”? Merrick Garland will make the decision on Trump?
2) Biden approval in Quinnipiac Poll at 35% with Disapproval at 56% – Independents and Hispanics giving up on Biden
3) Republicans lead Generic Ballot 46-41% and are projected to take control of the House in November
4) Biden 2024 – Many Democrats are saying NO
5) On Gun Control – Democrats say they will accept what comes out of the Senate and come back for more next time
6) Democrats pressure Larry Summers who correctly called out the root causes of the Biden inflation last week
*He now ridiculously calls Jan 6th as the root cause – A complete turn around after pressure from Democrats
7) Stock markets taking a beating after large losses on Friday – Possible Fed tightening 75 basis points – Recession fears grow
8) Reports out of Ukraine indicate they may be losing between 100-200 troops per day in heavy fighting
a. Biden tells donors Zelenskyy did not listen to intelligence reports prior to the war – Ukraine rebukes the story
b. Russia appears headed toward converting conquered Ukraine territories into Russia
c. Ukraine needs more artillery
9) Majority believe the Biden Administration is INTENTIONALLY trying to keep gas prices high to appease the Greens and get Americans off fossil fuels
10) Border Agents disgusted by Biden and his policies and outright hostility

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