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Stocks, Mask Mandates and Biden Polls Numbers Fall | Schaftlein Report

Stocks, Mask Mandates and Biden Polls Numbers Fall | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Matt Stout – Georgia Political Operative
1) Stocks remain under pressure after yesterday’s rally into the close with the major indexes down another 2%
*Inflation, Fed tightening and Ukraine along with a reset in earnings multiples contributing to the decline
2) NY judge strikes down mask mandates following the lead of others
3) In VA, mask proponents sue Governor over his opt out mask policy – Gov. Glenn Youngkin sets up Hotline to report and catch teachers teaching CRT
4) Sen. Manchin is furious with White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein (the alleged mastermind behind Biden) for calling him out for opposing BBB bill
5) Biden under fire for calling Peter Ducey a “Stupid SOB”, then apologizing later
6) In Harvard-Harris poll, Biden upside down 39%-53%, Trump would beat him by 53-47 and 59% Disapprove of how Democrats are running congress
*Generic Ballot Republicans +7
7) In stray poll, Liz Cheney crushed in Wyoming by Harriet Hageman
8) 178K Illegal Immigrants stopped in December with many released into the US
9) 8,500 troops put on “High Alert”
10) Democrats will continue to push to end the Filibuster so they can push through their Radical Agenda – The recent loss is just a speed bump in their long term plan
11) A son of a Philadelphia police officer is followed and killed in an attack, being shot 9 times

Andrew West

Andrew West is a freedom-forward author from the State of Georgia who has been covering politics since 2016.

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