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Schaftlein Report | Why did it take so long to pardon General Michael Flynn?

Schaftlein Report | Why did it take so long to pardon General Michael Flynn?


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1) Trump pardons General Michael Flynn

2) Biden “Citizenship to 11M undocumented and increase Refugees to 125,000 from 15,000

3) GA Senate – Rev. wants to eliminate cash bail

4) Republicans sue to Stop Wisconsin Certification +Judge temporary blocks remaining Certification in PA

5) Nevada and Michigan Certified their elections

6) Trump Accomplishments:

-Unemployment at record low of 3.5% , Dow above 30,000

-Illegal immigration slowed and 400 miles of wall

-Oil independence

-Tax Reduction -Deregulation of the economy

-3 Supreme Court Justices and over 200 District and Appellate Judges

-Killed the worlds top two terrorists

-Moved embassy to Jerusalem and brokered peace deal between Israel and 3 of its Arab neighbors

-Stood up to China

-Got the U.S. out of the horrible Paris accord on climate

-Operation Warp Speed


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