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Schaftlein Report | Trump Arraignment in Court

Guest – Joe Visconti
1) The Final Battle – Trump to be charged with 34 felony counts upgraded to a class E from Misdemeanor on
Falsification of business records. No mugshot or handcuffs.
No jail if convicted for first time offender.
This is a political circus and a very bad day for our country.

1A) More media than protesters?

2) Trump up by 30 in Republican race as led surges – we’ll explain.
In NH, Trump up by an average of 21 points.
Democrats fear a repeat of 2016.

3) The Chicago mayor race is today with Paul Vials who supports the police having a narrow lead over Brandon Johnson who favors Defunding the police.

4) Dan Kelly a conservative endorsed in Wisconsin Supreme Court election as a shift in that court hangs in the balance. Abortion, Redistricting and possibly the 2024
election in the balance as $42M poured into the race.

5) Biden approval holds steady at 44-54

6) In economic news, Jamie Dimon says the banking crisis is not over. The stock market falls after a recent large run up.

6A) 5,000 GM workers to take buy outs

6B) Oil back above $80 as Saudi’s perceive the Biden Administration changed their policy to buy back oil to fill the depleted SPR. We’ll explain.

7) Finland officially becomes a NATO member.

Andrew West

Andrew West is a freedom-forward author from the State of Georgia who has been covering politics since 2016.

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