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Schaftlein Report | Trump Announces 3rd Run at Presidency



Schaftlein Report | Trump Announces 3rd Run at Presidency

Guest – Jeffrey Dunetz

1) 61% of Republicans say he should run

1A) 47% support him, 33% support DeSantis

1B) VP Pence – “There will be better choices”, National Review Editorial Board – “NO”

2) McConnell claims he will win today’s Senate Leadership vote. We support him.

3) DeSantis receives standing ovation at Republican Governors meeting in Orlando.

3A) He leads Trump by 7-8 points in Iowa, New Hampshire, FL and GA.

4) Republicans achieve 218 in House as CA-3 district winner Kevin Kiley declared. Media and AP not yet calling the race.

5) Gov. Abbott expands migrant busing to Philadelphia

6) Administration claims large amount of student loans will default. So what? They tried to forgive them illegally.

7) FTX collapse appears to show $1B in client funds missing. Will the Democratic party return $25M donated to creditors?

8) Missile as NOT launched from Russia.

Andrew West

Andrew West is a freedom-forward author from the State of Georgia who has been covering politics since 2016.

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