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Schaftlein Report | Supreme Court Crushes EPA in 6-3 Ruling

Schaftlein Report | Supreme Court Crushes EPA in 6-3 Ruling
Guest – Jeffrey Dunetz – LidBlog Author ( )
1) West Virginia versus EPA: Ruling reverses 1973 law that empowered the EPA’s regulatory authority over Coal, Power Plants and the Fossil fuel industry. EPA does not have unheralded regulated authority to dictate policy. Congress should dictate rules and not the EPA. This is a HUGE loss for Climate Activists. Victory for energy!!

2) This year the EPA has denied 69 requests from oil companies to make cheaper gasoline under “small refinery exceptions” for ethanol to meet renewable fuel standards. While there are food shortages in the world, radical democrats and climate activists force higher prices on consumers by requiring corm based ethanol in some gasoline products thus increasing the price.

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2B) Court rules 5-4 for Biden against Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy for people coming from other countries

3) 73% of Americans believe the country is going in the wrong direction in one poll and 85% in a second poll.

4) In Real Clear Politics Polling Average, Biden hit s new Low of 38% approval and 57.5% Disapproval. 19.5% deficit.
On the Economy. he is upside down by 30 points.

5) Small businesses and larger corporations are leaving Chicago as violent crime is up 35%. Once again a liberal democrat is in charge. 20 year old woman shot at point blank range in back of head in Upper East side of NYC strolling her baby

6) Inflation and crime are way more important to Americans than Abortion

7) Recession fears grow as food inflation is at a 42 year high.
Biden rules out asking Saudi Arabia to produce more oil.

8) Biden reaffirms commitment to back Ukraine to defeat Russia as more weapons to be sent by NATO countries to Ukraine

9) 1-6 hearings resemble Soviet show trials. Secret Service refutes witness claims of Trump in The Beast.

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