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Schaftlein Report | Senate Rebukes Biden ESG Investing Rules

Guest – Jeffrey Dunetz

1) A Bi-partisan Senate approved a bill to kill ESG investing rules. Biden Veto is likely.

2) Supreme Court to rule on Biden Student Loan Forgiveness likely in July. Legal doubts persist

3) In early polling, Trump leads DeSantis by 47% to 39% in Yahoo News/You gov poll.

3A) Emerson poll has Trump up by 20. 3B) 68% of voters do NOT want Biden to run!!

4) For the first time in 40 years an incumbent mayor in Chicago lost. She was a terrible mayor and crime was out of control.

4A) Chicago police officer killed by teenage suspect who is in critical condition after turning and firing on the deceased officer. Of course she blames gender, color and sexual preference for her loss.

5) Interest rates rise as 2 year notes top 5% and 10 year notes top 4% 5A) Core Inflation isat a record level in Europe. 9% in Germany

6) Secretary of State Blinken and his Russian counterpart Lavrov met briefly in India and discussed American Paul Whelan, war in Ukraine and Nuclear treaty

Andrew West

Andrew West is a freedom-forward author from the State of Georgia who has been covering politics since 2016.

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