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The Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report | Republican Shake Up

With Guest Drew Allen

Schaftlein Report Airdate: January 11, 2024
Guest – Drew Allen
Headline – Republican Shake Up
1) DeSantis and Haley trade Insults and attack each other in heated Iowa Debate. “The donner debate”
1A) Trump holds town hall, then heads to NY for Civil Trial. Claims he has decided on VP.
1B) Christie drops out – hot microphone comments
2) GOP Conservatives revolt against spending bill. We agree with them. Enough is enough.
We need to control the spending insanity
3) CPI comes in hotter than expected in December at 3.4% as we predicted.
4) Since Biden took office inflation is up 17.6%. Food up 33%, shelter up 19%, energy up 33% and electricity up 27%
5) U.S. unfreezes $10B Iran funds – Crazy
6) Houthi Rebels continue attacks against ships in Red Sea.
7) Nick Sabin retires, Bill Belichick and Patriots separate and Pete Carroll steps aside in Seattle
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Mark Schaftlein

Mark Schaftlein is a conservative political commentator on the International stage through VietnewsTV and host of The Schaftlein Report, a televised political talk show which seeks to address factual political news without the left-wing bias of the mainstream media.

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