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Schaftlein Report | How Big will the Republican House margin be?



Guest – Drew Allen

1) Republicans are currently leading in 4 uncalled races. 3 are in CA and the Lauren Boebert race in Colorado

1A) 218 Seats secured. Likely final number is 221 or 222 which would be a 7 or 9 seat advantage.

B) Pelosi announcement

2) GA Democrats sue to overturn State election law that no voting within 2 days of a holiday.
Passed in 2016 with Bi-partisan support.

3) Pompeo – “We need a leader who doesn’t claim victim hood”

3A) Trump announcement scaring off nobody?

4) Karen Bass wins LA Mayor race – We’ll break down the numbers

5) Title 42 ends at the border. Likely flood of illegals to continue.

5A) Lindsay Graham – “No immigration deal until border is secure”…We’ve heard this before?

6) Same sex marriage bill passes filibuster and likely to codify the law. No real change here as nothing is new.

7) No trace of student killer in Idaho or the weapon.

8) FTX Bankruptcy “Complete failure of corporate controls” new CEO who oversaw Enron.

In my opinion, this will be worse than Enron.

Andrew West

Andrew West is a freedom-forward author from the State of Georgia who has been covering politics since 2016.

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