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Schaftlein Report | Democrats Rejoice – Loss of Congress still Probable

Schaftlein Report | Democrats Rejoice – Loss of Congress still Probable

Guest – Jeffrey Dunetz

1) McCarthy in line to become speaker if Republicans hold on in the house. Current projection is 220-215.

2) Run off in Georgia. Walker got 200,000 less votes than Brian Kemp

2A) Arizona and Nevada Laxalt up 15K with 84% counted . Delayed Counting is insane and wrong.

3) Democrats captured Single women vote by 30 points with single women saying 68% cast their vote on abortion and won the demographic age of 18-39.
Republicans carried Married men and Women.

3A) Independents voted Democrats 49-47. Both parties voted 96-4

4) Democrats felt Abortion was the main issue 76%, Inflation 28%.

5) Biden says he plans to run in 2024 and will make decision early in 2023.

6) Republicans won 50M votes 52.3% versus Democrats 44M 46.2% a 6.1% gap. The Generic ballot was 2.5%.

6A) The losses were very close in Democratic districts. Not nearly as many seats flipped as predicted. Current gain is 9 which would be a 219-216 House.

6B) Democrats put money into races they needed to defend.

6C) Democrats won state legislatures in Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania

6D) Finally goodbye Beto and Stacey

7) CPI comes in at 7.7% less than expected and the stock market is soaring. Core inflation was .3% in October.
Medical Services, used cars, apparel and energy services lead the decline

8) Crypto firm FTX on verge of bankruptcy. Potential malfeasance

9) Russians announce withdrawal from Kherson, Ukraine

Andrew West

Andrew West is a freedom-forward author from the State of Georgia who has been covering politics since 2016.

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