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Schaftlein Report | Biden delivers Powerful Speech in Poland

1) After visit to Ukraine, Biden issues full throttle support for Ukraine, Poland and all of NATO in stern warning to Russia.

1A) Russia loses 10K troops in last 2weeks raising the number to 143K since the war was started by Russia.

1B Putin delivers a speech in Russia full of lies and suspends the START nuclear weapons treaty.

1C) Putin demands the U.S. withdraw all troops and weapons from Ukraine..

2) The Producer Price Index gained .7% in January after falling .2% in December reigniting Inflation worries and rising interest rates

2A) The stock market is down about 1.5% to 2.0% on valuation concerns and rising interest rates.

3) Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was in the northeast recruiting police officers to come to Anti-woke Florida where they are appreciated and leave deep blue cities

4) In the ongoing culture wars, the Biden administration under Title 9 has put forth a plan to allow biological males to compete with women is being challenged in court.

5) LA area beloved Catholic Bishop murdered over the weekend. Suspect in custody. MOTIVE UNCLEAR.

6) 39th President of U.S. Jimmy Carter is in home hospice. A good man whether or not you agreed with his politics!

7) Late breaking – EPA to take over clean up in Ohio derailment.

Andrew West

Andrew West is a freedom-forward author from the State of Georgia who has been covering politics since 2016.

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