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Schaftlein Report | Biden Announces 2024 run. 75% of Voters say NO

1) Despite the overwhelming numbers against Biden, he is favored to win. We’ll explain.

1A) 51% of Democrats do not want him to run and 26% do want him to run

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1B The WSJ did an editorial saying Biden IS in Decline. We agree. It is selfish what he is doing.

2) DeSantis heads oversees to Israel, UK, Japan and S. Korea. Pence to decide in June.

2A) 70% of Voters do NOT want Trump to run including 44% of Republicans, 70% of Independents and 93% of Democrats

2B) Trump leads DeSantis 46-31 in latest NBC poll

2C) Gov. Sununu calls Trump already a 3X loser a potential 4x LOSER noting he added $8T to the national debt in 4 years.
Covid contributed partly to this to be fair.

3) Gov. Jim Justice to challenge Sen. Manchin in WV

4) Debt Ceiling cap on collision course as Biden shows NO movement to McCarthy plan to raise debt ceiling by $1.5T with 4.5T in cuts to spending.

4A) Americans are reducing savings to cope with Inflation

5) Bud Light sales drop 17% after disastrous Trans advertising campaign flops. 2 executives put on leave.

6) Leaks indicate the U.S. government stepped in to convince Kiev NOT to attach Moscow. so let me get this straight – I’ll explain.
This is another level of incompetence in the Biden administration getting EVERYTHING wrong internationally.

7) Secretary Tony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan under fire for their roles in the Hunter Biden Laptop fiasco.
Both spread lies and disinformation according to CIA operative Mike Morrell.

8) Bill Maher states the obvious – “Young black men are killing each other in Chicago. Where are the celebrities against this?”

9) Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon relieved of their jobs. We’ll add insight.

Mark Schaftlein

Mark Schaftlein is a conservative political commentator on the International stage through VietnewsTV and host of The Schaftlein Report, a televised political talk show which seeks to address factual political news without the left-wing bias of the mainstream media.

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