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Schaftlein Report | A Good Election Night for Progressives

1) Leftist secure seat on Wisconsin Supreme Court tilting the court from Conservative to Liberal.
Large turn out of left wing voters.
However, with a Super Majority in the state House and Senate, the newly elected Justice can be removed

1A) If Republicans keep pushing for tighter abortion restrictions, they will continue to lose elections.

2) Chicago Mayor -elect Johnson a liberal progressive wins by 51-49%. He is promising the most radical progressive change Chicago has ever seen.
Look out for your wallet and your safety if you live in Chicago.

3) Bob Lee the Cash App founder is murdered in SF being stabbed to death in a supposed nice neighborhood. No suspect in custody.
Residents fear SF is nearing collapse as crime soars, office buildings remain empty and the tax base deserts while the homeless, drug addicts and
other losers populate the city.

4) A NC Democrat flips to Republican giving the GOP a veto proof majority in the state house. Why – The Democratic party criticized the Flag and Prayer.
The party moved so far left, she did not recognize it anymore. Sounds familiar.

5) Trump’s poll numbers skyrocket from a Feb 45-42 against Biden to a current 47-40. in Rasmussen. Trump rails against AG Bragg and Republicans
come out defending Trump.

6) In economic news, job openings drop to 9.9M from 10.6M.
ADP says 145K jobs were added in March. The labor department releases numbers tomorrow
Bond yields drop on concern for slowing economic activity

7) Taiwan President met with McCarthy in LA and a U.S. delegation flew to Taiwan in show of support.

8) Robert F. Kennedy Jr. files paperwork to run for the Democratic nomination.

Andrew West

Andrew West is a freedom-forward author from the State of Georgia who has been covering politics since 2016.

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