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Russian Atrocities Grow | Schaftlein Report

Russian Atrocities Grow | Schaftlein Report
1) Russians suffer up to 14K combat deaths, stalemate in Ukraine, Civilians being targeted
2) Russia uses Hypersonic missile to attack a munitions depot
3) Zelenskyy calls on Putin to speak directly
4) Mariupol is leveled, an Arts school bombed with 400 kids sheltering
5) Mariupol citizens are being captured and taken to camps in Russia
6) NATO secretary General dodged repeated questions about what constitutes crossing a red line in the attacks on civilians and possible use of chemical weapons – He looked weak and his response was pitiful – He basically said he would NOT do ANYTHING that MIGHT escalate the war into Europe
7) Mercenaries are being sent into Ukraine to kill the leadership by Putin – Belarus amassing soldiers if called upon by Putin
8) Diesel tops $7 in CA
9) Biden polling: Handling of Ukraine -8, Strong leader -16, Economy -20, Crime -23, Border -24, Inflation -29
10) Soaring prices for everything to make food brings more inflation:
a. Fertilizer comes from Canada #1, Russia #2 and Belarus #3
b. $715 an acre to plant corn – chemicals, seed, machine equipment fuel and labor all up substantially
11) Biden slammed for pursuit of Venezuelan oil while shunning U.S. energy producers bowing to the Climate nut jobs
*The problem is the U. S. uses 19M barrels a day and produces 12M – the gap is 7M
12) Germany cuts deal with Qatar for Liquefied Natural Gas

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