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Russian Atrocities Continue, Military Regroups | Schaftlein Report

Russian Atrocities Continue, Military Regroups | Schaftlein Report
1) Russians kill 52 civilians at a train station
a. U.S. sends Patriot Missile Defense system to Slovenia as that nation sends Advanced Air Defense System to Ukraine
b. UK and Austrian Prime Ministers meet with Zelenskyy in Kiev
c. Russian troops regroup for Donbas Region attack
d. Ukraine pleads with the west for more weapons – “Stop fearing the Russians” – Zelenskyy
e. Ukraine economy to fall by 45% according to the World Bank
2) Inflation hits 40 year high at 7.9%, food prices jump 13% in March alone – Democrats and Biden taking vast majority of the blame
a. There are early indications of a housing slow down – Home searches on Google are down 21%
3) Record cases of Covid continue in Shanghai despite lock downs – Potential effect on global economy – Car maker Nio suspends production
a. China inflation hits 8.8% – Food shortages in some areas
4) McConnell – “If we take back the House and Senate, we will focus on Crime, Education and Defense of the Country”
*”Joe Biden will now be a Moderate President”
5) Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has raised $100M for his reelection campaign – He is heavily favored to win
6) U.S. Interest Rate Yields reach 3 year highs
7) Emmanuel Macron 28.4% versus Marie Le Pen 23.4% on 4-24 in French Election – This vote was a few points closer than 2017
8) Biden changes Remain in Mexico policy under Trump to Catch and release which is a failure
9) Only 7% believe the U.S. is doing well under Biden – Poll numbers on key issues completely upside down
a. Inflation 31-69
b. Economy 37-63
c. Immigration 38-62
d. Crime 39-61 (Chicago – same story different weekend shootings and killings)
10) Scottie Scheffler wins The Masters and retains #1 ranked golfer in the world

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