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Russia Launches Full Scale Offensive in Donbas Region | Schaftlein Report

Russia Launches Full Scale Offensive in Donbas Region | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Richard Battle – Multi Award-Winning Author – Speaker – Advisor ( )
*His new book “Life’s Daily Treasure” aim to restore your pride in America and inspire you to confidently pursue your destiny
1) Russians are also rounding up 27K Ukrainians and sending them to camps near Mariupol while 45K have already been sent to Russia
2) Putin looks for blame removing, and in some cases, arresting and detaining hundreds of officers
3) Blaming the war, the World Bank cuts global growth outlook in 2022 from 4.1% to 3.2% – This may be overly optimistic
4) Biden resumes oil and gas leasing on federal land thus infuriating climate activist (the crazy leftists)
*144K acres in 9 states and he increased the fee from 12.5% to 18.75% the first increase in 100 years
*80% more land was not allowed to drill + offshore where much oil and gas is located – Basically a half measure
5) Federal Judge rules NO more mask mandates – Biden administration says “Disappointing” – Passengers are thrilled
*Liberals are outraged
6) Border Patrol stopped 23 people on the Terror Database list – Gov. Abbott declares he will begin shipping Illegals to Delaware
7) Former Attorney General Bill Barr – “The media are an extension of the Democratic Party” – We’ve been telling you that for years!
8) Former Detroit Mayor James Craig (whom we support) running to replace Michigan Gov. Whitmer says ‘We need to root out woke judges and prosecutors”
*He blames rising crime on light bail and reduced sentencing causing a revolving door of criminals
9) KY lawmakers join other Red states in overriding the Governors Veto banning transgender boys from competing in girls sports
(This is great news and common sense)
10) Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra extends “Public Health Emergency” 3 months thus expanding food stamps and medicaid benefits
*This reduces the need to work which results in 1.5M unfilled jobs and 3.6% unemployment – A massive give away
*We now have 2.5M more people on food stamps than in 2019 and 500K more than April 2020 when the pandemic started
11) Student Loan repayment deferral SCAM saves the average borrower $343 per month – Another effort to buy votes
*A CLASSIC Democratic plan destined to fail like so many others

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