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Primary Election Results and Inflation Scares | Schaftlein Report

Primary Election Results and Inflation Scares | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Tom Amenta – Chief Development Officer of United Valor and Author of the new book “The Twenty Year War” ( )
1) PA Senate Race between David McCormick and Mehmet Oz is too close to call with 99% reporting – 31.3% to 31.1% with a lead of about 3,000 votes – Mail in ballots have not been counted yet
a. Trump backed Ted Budd wins in North Carolina Senate race while Rep. Madison Crawford loses
b. Majority of Democratic liberal progressives lose with one exception in house race which will add another member to the ultra liberal “squad”
2) Inflation watch – electric bills expected to soar this summer – CA gas prices are now averaging $6.05 – Gas is above $4 in ALL 50 states
a. If supply remains tight, some are forecasting $10 per gallon – Some stations are running out of fuel in Washington state
b. When Trump left office, gas was $2.41 average and less then $2 in some states
c. Corporate margins are being squeezed by higher fuel and labor costs – Stocks getting punished with Target down 25% today and Walmart down 20% over two days
3) ESG – Environmental, Social, Governance is under fire from numerous Conservative Red states
4) In Ukraine, a Russian soldier pleads guilty in a war crime trial for murder – The first of many
5) Democrats are going NUTS on Social issues and their agenda crumbles
a. Twitter engineers caught on tape bragging about censoring conservatives claiming many employees are leftists and communists
b. Baltimore a city with a poverty rate over 20% and a city counsel with 15 Democrats and no Republicans establishes the city as an “Abortion Sanctuary”
c. Democrats and some members of the media claim Republicans are using the first amendment argument to “appease the white supremacist movement”
d. A middle school kid was punished for sexual harassment because he “misstates a pronoun in addressing a trans kid WHAT? THIS IS INSANE
6) Musk says he can’t take it anymore and says he will vote Republican for the first time, angering liberals on social media
7) Florida Governor DeSantis signs law outlawing protests outside private residences

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