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President Manchin says “NO” | Schaftlein Report

President Manchin says “NO” | Schaftlein Report
1) Manchin kills Build Back Better Bill, saving America from a wild socialist spending spree
2) Democrats, Media, Hollywood and Never-Trumpers are angry – Pressure campaign did not work
3) Manchin called “disloyal” – Schumer vowed vote in 2022 – Biden’s back in the bunker – AOC is furious at the Senate
4) Amnesty is dead
5) McConnell strategy on first bill proved a winner
6) No $300 child tax credit extension
7) No crazy climate legislation
8) No paid leave
9) Omicron is surging around the globe
10) Two more democrats retired from Congress – bringing the total to 22
11) PBS/NPR/Marist Poll have Biden at 41% – and 55% do not trust Biden or democrats
12) Gangs, smugglers, and criminals surge at border
13) Inflation squeezes families at Christmas

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