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President Biden Approval Plummets to 38% | Schaftlein Report

President Biden Approval Plummets to 38% | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Gary Demar – American Vision President ( )
1) Nobody trusts him , no leadership skills and voters believe he is incompetent
2) Democrats now have a Favorable rating of 43% and Unfavorable rating of 55% – 6 months ago it was 48/48
*Independents are Bleeding away
3) Democrats should have taken a win with the $1.2T Real infrastructure deal, but the Radicals would not go for it
*Senator Bernie Sanders refuses to sign Resolution condemning the radical leftists that harassed Senator Sinema
4) Senator(s) Schumer and McConnell reach a deal to increase the debt ceiling until December averting a problem and kicking the can down the road AGAIN
5) Senator Manchin stands firm on the FAKE Infrastructure deal at $1.5T, despite claims by Biden it will be around $2.0T
6) Police, Firefighters, Nurses, Doctors and first Responders are quitting over vaccine mandates – Who will replace them?
7) LA now require a Vaccine card to go into a restaurant
8) The Homicide rate in the U.S. hit a record high in the past year – What is the solution?
*In Minneapolis, there is an initiative on the ballot to – I kid you not – DEFUND THE POLICE
9) What is it with the White House Studio across the street from the actual White House?
*Answer – Biden needs a clearer Teleprompter. YIKES!

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