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Politicizing Murder? | Schaftlein Report

Politicizing Murder? | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Jeffrey Dunetz – LidBlog Author ( )
1) Shooting fallout:
a. Red Flag Legislation
b. By 54-35% Americans support arming teachers and school staff
c. Robert Francis O’rourke is an ass**** – The “Beto” political stunt will backfire
2) Election fallout – Mainstream Republicans who challenged Trump’s endorsements and took the other side feel pretty good – The fear is gone
3) Oz leads McCormick by 902 votes
*Cuellar leads Cisneros by 177 votes in key Texas race – A potential loss for radical progressives
4) Democrats are beginning to question the Federal Reserve as inflation is sticky
5) Grain out of Ukraine?
6) England blinks implementing a windfall profit tax on BP and Shell – A policy error we just discussed yesterday not to do
7) The economy tops all issues and concerns for Americans as the Biden administration flails
8) Did the stock market bottom?
9) What happened to Mike Rowe?

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