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Peace Talks in Turkey | Schaftlein Report

Peace Talks in Turkey | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Andrew Crapuchettes – CEO of, a company that connects employers who value freedom with employees who value it too.
1) Russia says it will scale down military operations in Kyiv and other cities while Ukraine says it would become a Neutral state
*Watch their actions, NOT what they say
2) Biden press conference fallout – Walk back or no walk back – Biden caught reading answers to reporters questions off CUE cards
*We’ve said it all along, figuratively, he is not playing with a full deck of cards
3) Comments raised eyebrows:
a. “In kind chemical weapons?”
b. “82nd Airborne division in Ukraine?”
c. “Remain in power?”
4) Ukraine releases the names of 600 Russian spies working in Europe
5) Consumer Sentiment Index hits an 11-year low as the view of the future falls primarily due to Americans concern over Inflation
6) Biden budget calls for $32B increased funding for police and an additional $31B for the military?
7) The lies in Biden’s budget proposal which is the most reckless budget proposal EVER:
*False assumptions on interest rate cost to borrow as interest rates rise, lowered inflation 2% next year assumptions -Ballooning 4.8% deficit to GDP forecast – The post war normal is 2.6%
8) Taliban breaks promise and will not allow girls to go to school past the 6th grade – Another Biden blunder

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