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Mass Murder in Texas | Schaftlein Report

Mass Murder in Texas | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Andrew Crapuchettes – CEO of, a company that connects employers who value freedom with employees who value it too
1) 20 young children killed in school shooting in Uvalde, Texas – Killer Salvatore Ramos wearing body armor is dead – Feds looking for answers
*His grandmother killed earlier – Border Patrol Agent killed the shooter
**70% of school shooters are under the age of 18
2) Biden delivers terrible and divisive speech from White House – Democrats politicize the murders – Demand gun control while killer likely had serious mental issues
*NYT blames NRA and left wing idiots blame Republicans, Manchin and Sinema for no filibuster reform to allow federal gun control
a. NYC subway killer turns himself in – He had a rap sheet a mile long – “Why was he on the streets” – Eric Adams NYC Mayor
b. ISIS plot to kill former President George Bush thwarted – Shihab Ahmed Shihab an Iraqi living in Columbus, OH wanted to have assailants come across the southern border
3) Gov. Brain Kemp and Hershel Walker win Republican primaries in Georgia – Record turnout as another Democrat lie implodes – There was no voter suppression as we have said for a long time – This complete quashes the Voter suppression narrative – Voting Rights a big lie
*Brad Raffensperger wins Secretary of State defeating Trump back Jodi Hice
4) Majority of American believe Biden is “Incompetent” Democrats blame the Voters for being stupid
*Meanwhile, Biden approval in Reuters poll falls to 36%
5) Biden “celebrated” high gas prices saying the cost to consumers was part of an “Incredible Transition” away from fossil fuels
6) The Consumer is in TROUBLE
7) How do we slow Inflation?
a. Slow or reduce government spending
b. Deregulation to increase supply of goods
c. Slow the money supply or reduce it
d. Avoid wage and price controls, rationing and windfall profits
8) Senator Roger Marshal (R.) Kansas visited the border and called it a “War Zone”
9) Liberals threaten to set fire to the Supreme Court over anticipated Roe v Wade case
10) War update – Cities in the Donbas region are starting to resemble Mariupol – Russians are advancing in all directions in that region
*Cities are being destroyed and reduced to rubble by relentless bombing – 200 bodies are found in a bombed out apartment basement in Mariupol

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