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Impass – Biden Agenda Stalls | Schaftlein Report

Impass – Biden Agenda Stalls | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Jeffrey Dunetz – LidBlog Author ( )
1) Democrats hit the Pause Button on Build Back Better Climate and Social Spending Bill – Finally Reality Sets IN
2) Sen. Chuck Schumer pushes ending the Filibuster with the Nuclear Option for Voting Rights effort – Sen. Joe Manchin says “that’s a Heavy Lift”
3) A Federal Judge Blocks Pentagon from punishing Navy Seals who refused the Covid vaccine
4) Biden Reimposes Trump’s Remain-in-Mexico Policy
5) Biden Economic Ratings are below Jimmy Carter – CNBC Polls have him at 60% Disapproval on his handling of the economy
6) USA Today Poll has Biden at 40% – A new low for that poll
7) In 2020 Donald Trump was the Most Admired man in America – The media would not tell the story unlike when Obama was winning the title
*Guess What, they did not release the poll results for 2021
8) Will Biden be Impeached if Republicans gain control of Congress this year?
9) DeFund the Police has now changed to the following in blue cities:
A. Increased Budget Funding for police
B. More Aggressive policing Measures
C. Harsher Penalties being considered
D. Request for Federal Assistance
E. Help with Recruiting, Hiring, Retention and Morale which were hurt severely during the DeFund fiasco

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