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Hot U.S. Economy – Border Fiasco | Schaftlein Report

Hot U.S. Economy – Border Fiasco | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Jeffrey Dunetz – LidBlog Author ( )
1) Russia has withdrawn from Kiev and Chernihiv, Siege of Mariupol continues
*Russian forces reorganize to attack the two eastern provinces
2) Russian casualties mount and 60 paratroopers refuse to fight
*The Lt. colonel who ordered his troops to commit war crimes and kill civilians in Bucha has been identified
3) On the Economic front, 4 EU countries push back on weaning off Russian oil and gas as additional sanctions kick in
a. Hungary, Austria, Italy, Netherlands – The EU spends $927M a day on Russian oil and gas
b. Higher energy cost in Europe lead to 7.5% inflation
4) Jobless claims come in at 166K, the lowest level since 1968
a. Meanwhile, all of the left wing economist were dead wrong on inflation
b. Democrats are being blamed for high energy prices and inflation as they should be with their crazy leftist policies
c. James Bullard, a Federal Reserve Governor say the Fed is behind the curve on taming Inflation – “Fed funds currently at .5%. Should be 3.5%”
5) On the border, it appears Democrats have a Deliberate Plan to let as many illegal aliens in as possible as evidence in the budget allows $4B to hire lawyers to defend the Illegals – Add in Title 42, no wall and under-manned border patrol and you have an unmitigated disaster
*Politically, Hispanics particularly women are turning against the Democrats
6) Texas is sending bus loads of Illegals to Washington DC
7) Republicans registrations are surging in PA at a rate 4X greater then Democrats
8) Kenosha County in Wisconsin home of the BLM riots have flipped to Republican leadership after decades of Democratic control
9) Republicans in GA lead Stacey Abrams by 6 points in race for Governor
10) Police confirm 5 shooters were involved in the gang related deaths of 6 people in Sacramento killings
11) China warns U.S. against Pelosi visiting Taiwan – Trip likely won’t happen as she tested positive for Covid
12) Judge Jackson to be confirmed by Senate today before they leave town for 2 weeks

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