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Democrats Turn on Biden Over Border Policy | Schaftlein Report

Democrats turn on Biden over Border policy | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Joe Visconti – Emmy Award Winning Producer
1) Biden Administration considering extending Title 42 after receiving criticism from 10 Democratic Senators
*Senators Sinema, Manchin and Tester sponsor legislation to extend Title 42 – All 4 Democrats running for reelection oppose letting it expire
**We could have up to 18K Illegals a day coming across the border if not extended
2) Biden Administration announces plan to cancel student debt for 40K – They are considering crediting 3.6M borrowers for 3 years of loan credits
*The far left wing radicals in the administration are driving this policy – It is questionable if he even has the authority
3) Justice Department to appeal Mask Mandate ruling if CDC recommends even though Biden says “It is up to them” when questioned if people should wear masks
4) 71% feel Biden will complete his term however 21% say no – 8% undecided
5) Russia accuses Biden of having dementia in a psychological operation
6) 67% believe Biden is compromised by his ties to China
7) IMF warns of global food shortage and potential civil unrest
8) Capacity constraints are contributing to global oil shortage while demand is increasing – Basic economics of supply and demand
9) Mariupol on verge of collapse as potential last stand looms
*Battle for eastern Ukraine elevates in intensity

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