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Democrats Learned Nothing in 2021 and 2022 Looks Worse | Schaftlein Report

Democrats Learned Nothing in 2021 and 2022 Looks Worse | Schaftlein Report
1) Sen. Schumer signals he will try to change the Filibuster to advance Voting Rights Legislation in an effort to Federalize Election Laws – They continue lying to their base
2) In Early Speculation that Speaker Pelosi will retire after the mid terms, Democrats float names of possible successors including Hakeem Jeffries and Ro Khanna
*They are finally realizing they will lose 40-80 seats
3) AOC “Roaster” over her “Sexual Frustration” tweet toward Republicans for going maskless in Miami – Escape from NY
4) In Climate Change News, Germany rejects Nuclear Power with a plan to close its remaining two nuclear power plants and rely on Natural Gas until Alternative Energy becomes financially feasible – France moves ahead with multiple strategies for energy
*In the US, heavy snow hits the northeast – Surprise it’s winter!
5) 2,300 flights cancelled today as airlines battle Omicron
6) Biden and Harris plan 1-6 speeches to milk 2021 events for purely political purposes – Guess What – Nobody Cares!!!
7) Meat and Poultry prices skyrocket – Biden of course blames the Meat Packing companies while the companies blame labor shortages, gas prices and supply chain disruptions
*Biden agrees to spend $1B to try resolving the issue to expand capacity
8) In new polling, Hispanics continue to abandon the Democratic Party and are now split evenly with Republicans – This is a 23-point drop from last year
9) NY State to prioritize non-white people to distribute low supply of Covid 19 treatments – No wonder people are fleeing NY
10) In NFL news, Antonio Brown is no longer a Tampa Bay Buc after his bizarre quit during the game Sunday
11) In Covid News, FL Gov. DeSantis asks the Feds to allow the state to purchase Monoclonnal Antibody treatments
*The Federal Government has cornered the market and controls the supply

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