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Big City Crime Soars | Schaftlein Report

Big City Crime Soars | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Joe Visconti – Emmy Award Winning Producer
1) Murder rates climbing
Portland +800%
Oakland +132%
LA +127%
Minneapolis +113%
Chicago +22%
2) Violent Crime surges
Seattle + 74%
Chicago +54%
Boston +54%
3) Wuhan Virus Origins – Biden wants to sit both ways – Shut down Trump investigation of virus origin or not??
4) Border in disarray – 100K migrant kids in detention with limited to no media coverage – Others released into the interior of the country, less than 3,000 deported, drugs rampant – No VP Harris day 63
5) Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan predict Trump will run in 2024
6) Grand Jury convenes to look at Trump’s organizations
7) Biden’s spokesperson: “Don’t wear yamakas or star of David”

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