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Biden’s Policy Failures Mount | Schaftlein Report

Biden’s Policy Failures Mount | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Gary Demar – American Vision President ( )
1) Economy – 45% of Americans are experiencing hardships from Inflation running hot above 6%
2) Supreme Court heard arguments in Mississippi case and 5 justices appear to be leaning some type of support for the case limiting abortion to the first 15 weeks – Overturn Roe vs Wade
3) Biden extends travel restrictions as Omicron variant is confirmed in U.S. – Americans move on with their lives – No Lockdowns
*Austria government considers mandatory shots which is supported by 55% of its Citizens
4) Crime Report – SF Union Square Shopping District now sees Plywood Enforced store fronts and Armed Guards to protect them against Smash and Grab Robbers
*The Social Fabric seems to be crumbling in SF
5) Border – Biden releases 5K Unaccompanied minors into the U.S. – 13K more cases pending
6) Afghanistan – Taliban executing Afghan citizens who helped Coalition forces – The Biden Administration is “Deeply Concerned” – Colossal Policy Failure
7) Politics – Stacey Abrams to take 2nd shot at GA Governor Race
*Dr. Oz to run for Republican Senate nomination in PA
**Gov. Charlie Baker will not seek 3rd term as a popular Governor in MA, a deep blue state
8) Race Relations – The Marxist Organization BLM calls for a month long boycott of “White Companies” – Suggesting buying from Black Only Businesses
*Can you imagine the outrage if a white group suggested only buying from White Businesses?
**BLM trying to raise $5.0M to bail our mass murderer in Christmas Parade Terrorist attack
9) Chris Cuomo suspended from CNN for involvement with brother Andrew Cuomo sexual harassment case
10) Trump leads Biden by 5 points in hypothetical 2024 race
11) 3 members of VP Harris Communications staff depart amidst trouble for the VP

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