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Biden Policy Losses Mount | Schaftlein Report

Biden Policy Losses Mount | Schaftlein Report
1) The Biden Agenda Dead or can he triangulate toward the middle?
*We’ve seen nothing to indicate he will do this as he is beholden to his radical base and the leftists in the White House will NOT permit it
2) Policy Losses Mount
*Filibuster – Sen. Sinema say NO
*Vaccine Mandates – Supreme Court says NO
*Build Back Better – Sen. Manchin says NO
*Voting Rights – Divisive Speech looks like the bill has NO Republican support and will be Filibustered – Sen. Schumer sets vote this week.
*Inflation Running Hot – Replace Yellin? – He’s lost the people
*Covid – Little Progress
*No more $300Children Payments (for now)
*No Climate Bills (for now)
*Border – Still wide open
3) In Virginia, the new Governor Glen Youngkin abolishes Critical Race Theory and removes Vaccine Mandates
4) From the Lunatic Democratic Left: 59% of Unvaxxed should be confined to home, 45% placed in Designated Facilities and 48% fined or incarcerated
5) In January 2021, more people identified at Democratic or leaning Democratic by 49-40% – Now, those numbers have flipped 14 points to 42 Democrat and 47 Republican, +9 to -5

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