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Biden Leads the Country the WRONG way | Schaftlein Report

Rumble — Biden Leads the Country the WRONG way | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Gary Demar – American Vision President ( )
1) Biden overruled both Secretary Blinken and Secretary Austin on Afghanistan Withdrawal
2) Taliban are parading U.S. military equipment around Kandahar – The amount of weapons they hold exceed their GDP by 128%
3) Right Track 28% and Wrong Track 59% – Biden is taking the country in the wrong direction with no correction pending – He is doubling down on stupid
4) Border Crossings are up 317% over August 2020 with 200K apprehended
5) Biden tries to flip Sen(s) Manchin and Sinema on $3.5T “Human Infrastructure Social Spending bill” – No movement so far
6) Miley controversy – Biden sticks with him for now
7) Biden forgets the name of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on a video conference call to beef up military to combat China in the region
He called him “The fella down under”
8) 2022 Midterm strategy – Republicans to use Inflation, reckless spending and the Economy against Democrats – Biden is a potential anvil

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