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Biden has Covid and his Approval Hits All Time Low at 31%

1) A fully vaccinated and double boosted Biden gets Covid. Has mild symptoms.

2) Quinnipiac University polls finds Biden at 31%. Only 40 % of Democrats want him to run in 2024.
He is upside down on the economy 28-66%. RCP average is 36.8%.

3) Politico Morning Consult Poll saws 72% of Democrats want Biden to run. This number looks high,
Averaging the two and he comes in at 56% prefer he not run.

4) Some high ranking Democratic party officials now saying he will be too old to run.

5) In climate speech yesterday, Biden said he has cancer. Huh? White House scrambles to clean up.

6) Bloomberg editorial calls for $5 minimum price of gas as a way to combat climate. Are you serious.
Even the Biden Administration will not go there.

7) Germany is a complete mess as a result of their own Green New Deal. Russia has opened up the flow of gas but only
at 40%. Gas is $7.50 per gallon and rationing is coming. Leaders have very limited choices.
Recession is looming.

8) Since Washington state implemented some DeFund the Police initiatives, when people steal cars, officers will no longer
pursue in high speed chases which is bared by state law. That;s too bad. Car theft pursuits in CA it makes the nightly news about twice a month.

9) Dave Chappelle concert cancelled after WOKE outcry on social media in Minneapolis. What is wring with these people?

10) Many border residents and local officials are very happy illegals are being transported to NYC and DC.

11) Jobless claims rise to 251K, highest since November but still very low. Why can’t they get a job. We have 11M openings?

12) Ukraine launches counter offensive and Mario Draghi resigns s Italian Premier and head of state. No confidence vote.

Andrew West

Andrew West is a freedom-forward author from the State of Georgia who has been covering politics since 2016.

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