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Biden Energy Policies Are Failing | Schaftlein Report

Biden Energy Policies Are Failing | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Gary Demar – American Vision President ( )
1) 80% of Americans want MORE Fossil fuels while only 20% want Green Energy
2) Only 2% believe Climate change and the environment are a top priority
3) Americans feel worse off due to “Climate Progressives” and believe Democrats embrace of these policies are causing energy prices and inflation to go up significantly
4) Voters are really ticked off at Democrats for their soft on crime policies and the Southern Border fiasco
5) Biden is paying the price for cool relations with the Saudi’s and the Iran deal is a major sticking point
6) War in Ukraine rages as a stalemate for now – 3 possible outcomes?
a. Protracted war with continued fighting and loss of life and property
b. A peace deal of some sort
c. Putin overthrown
7) Biden to sanction 300 Russian lawmakers – Why not do more?
8) EU plans to curb Russian gas purchases where they current rely on for 40% – Goal is to fill storage to 80%
9) Biden under water in polling average at 41%-53% – A recent poll had his approval rating at 34%
10) Trump has a +12 on favorability over Biden, however in head to head match up Trump leads 45-42

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