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Biden Border Blunders – BBB | Schaftlein Report

Biden Border Blunders – BBB | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Ralph Barker – AirForce Vet, Entrepreneur
1. Biden approval numbers on immigration sink amid border crisis
2. Biden blames Trump for border problems – That is a Democrat talking point lie
3. Psaki grilled on teachers giving in-person instruction to migrant kids before own students
4. Inside the border crisis: Packed Texas facility with 4,000+ migrants
5. McConnell supports new Kentucky law on Senate vacancy
6. Republicans form conservative coalition to fight Biden’s tax hikes in $3T infrastructure project
7. Democrats, Republicans, and Independence – 67% do NOT want changes to the filibuster
8. Gun control – what do Biden and the Democrats have planned?
9. Pelosi plans to overturn Iowa election losing steam – 9 Dems say ‘No’

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