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Bengals – Rams in Super Bowl | Schaftlein Report

Bengals – Rams in Super Bowl | Schaftlein Report
1) Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams rally from 18 and 10 back respectively to win their conferences and go to the Super bowl in another exciting weekend of NFL games
2) 76% of Americans disagree with considering only a black woman for a Supreme court Nomination
*Biden does appear to have a solid group of qualified nominees from names floated – 13 democrats voted against Trump’s nominees who were black
**Identity Politics brought us Kamala Harris
3) The Left’s obsession with Race is alienating minorities in America particularly Asians and Hispanics
4) Spotify will now label Covid content as an answer to artists push back – There are 3.0M podcasts to demonstrate the power of podcasting
5) With 127K troops on the Ukraine border, blood supplies brought in and NATO concerns mounting, Putin plans visit with Xi Jinping later this week at the Olympics
6) Border crime, smuggling, human trafficking and drugs are rampant at our southern border as criticism mounts of Biden policy – 2M apprehensions last year
7) Texas Governor Greg Abbott leads O’rourke 47-36 in latest poll
8) Trump’s Save America rally draws 1.5M viewers on Newsmax versus normal viewers of 50K – Says VP Pence should have reversed the election
9) Spirit Airline employee asked man to remove “Let’s go Brandon” mask
10) Soros to pump 125M in Democratic coffers, Super Pac raises $50M for mid terms

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