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BAIL FAILURE Causes Spike in Crime | Schaftlein Report

BAIL FAILURE Causes Spike in Crime | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Jeffrey Dunetz – LidBlog Author ( )
1) Wisconsin Killer was a RACIST promoting BLM and his desire to KILL old White People on his social media posts
*Why doesn’t the Media refer this as a domestic terrorist crime? – Some called it a car crash instead of 6 people being murdered
2) This is a prime example of “BAIL FAILURE” which is happening all across America particularly in blue cities
*Left-wing District Attorneys are responsible for this and the Biden Administration supports No Cash bail
3) Democratic cities that enact “Bail Reform” see a significant rise in crime and Repeat Offenders – sometimes 15 to 20 crimes per person
*Homicide is up 26% in LA
4) BLM had threatened “no Peace” if jury returns not guilty verdict in Arbery case
*All three defendants found guilty of felony murder
5) Biden refuses to apologize to Rittenhouse for “White Supremacist remark”
6) In Economic News, Sen. Manchin calls on Biden to restore the Keystone XL Pipeline work
*Could have delivered 900K barrels a day which is almost half of our current shortage
7) Biden claims he is not trying to raise gas prices to combat climate change – His policies could fool you
8) CA Gov. Newsom rejects 109 fracking permits while gas nears $6 in some parts of CA
*Radical Climate Policies with a goal of NO Oil and Gas production in the state by 2045
9) Jobless claims down to 199K, the lowest level since 1969 – Why is the FED continuing to pump more money into the system when we are near full employment and prices are exploding up?
10) New home prices are up 17% year over year
11) U.S. not enforcing Vaccine Mandate for everyone coming across the border starting January 22nd – This includes truckers delivering goods
12) USA Right Track 29% / Wrong Track 63% (a whopping 34% upside down) – OUCH

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